About Adrienne Doobin

Possessing a Master of Business Administration in Finance and Accounting from the Goizueta Business School at Emory University, Adrienne Doobin presently serves as Vice President of Harvard Protection Services, LLC, the security arm of Harvard Maintenance, Inc. In this capacity, Ms. Doobin leverages her comprehensive understanding of management to ensure the company’s continued success. As a former Director, Board Member, Treasurer, and Corporate Secretary of the New York-based building services firm, Adrienne Doobin was actively involved in helping guide the organization toward continued growth. Beginning her tenure with Harvard Maintenance in 1988, Ms. Doobin fostered its expansion throughout the East Coast and nationwide, developing the business from a small start-up with only 80 employees to an industry leader that now boasts a staff of more than 7,000.

In 1996, Adrienne Doobin took advantage of an opportunity to expand Harvard Maintenance. To this end, she spearheaded the establishment of Harvard Protection Services, LLC. Building upon Harvard Maintenance’s reputation, Ms. Doobin reached out to the firm’s existing customers in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, enabling Harvard Protection Services’ continued development. Today, the company stands apart as one of the top security industry contractors in the Northeastern United States, providing high quality protective monitoring to government offices, legal practices, financial institutions, museums, hotels, private businesses, and residential dormitories. In 2006, Adrienne Doobin and her colleagues at Harvard Protection Services hired Robert S. Conforti as the head of the agency’s new Pennsylvania outpost. A seasoned law enforcement veteran, Mr. Conforti previously acted as a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Division Chief in Philadelphia.

Outside of her professional life, Adrienne Doobin devotes her time to her children and organizing fundraising events on behalf of the Newark Academy Parents Association. Her older son is a first-year MD/PhD student at Columbia University, while her younger son is a sophomore at Washington and Lee University. An outdoor enthusiast who enjoys hiking and gardening, Ms. Doobin currently resides in Summit, New Jersey.


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