From the Desk of Adrienne Doobin: An Overview of the NYSSA

May 22, 2012

Committed to promoting best practices and high ethical standards for investment professionals, the New York Society of Security Analysts (NYSSA) is dedicated to serving the investment industry. The Society was established in 1937 and hosts an array of impressive members. An NYSSA co-founder, Benjamin Graham, was one of the original experts on securities analysis.

NYSSA members gain access to a variety of benefits, including reduced rates for Society-sponsored events as well as free access to members-only events. Additionally, members enjoy admittance to the Manhattan Members Lounge, located in the midtown area of New York City, and can peruse the writings of Benjamin Graham through the Value Investing Archive. Of course, members also get the benefit of networking with other securities professionals. The website features an active member directory of 10,000, which is open to members. Additionally, members can help shape the Society through participation on one of the 14 committees.

About the Author:

A Chartered Financial Analyst who founded her own company, Adrienne Doobin is a member of NYSSA.


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